Gold razor phone. 2 gold dredge.

Gold Razor Phone

gold razor phone

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gold razor phone - Yubz Mobile

Yubz Mobile Phone Retro Handset

Yubz Mobile Phone Retro Handset

This is the coolest product we have seen in awhile. We hate our cell phone, simply abhor it, and we also can't stand all those people walking around with those little ear pieces thinking they are oh so important. Well, we are going OLD SCHOOL and reversing the trend. We were the first in our block to talk on this phone and boy is it a conversation piece! Think about walking around the grocery store and streets with this guy to your ear - now we are definitely talking important Cool Cat. It's got a one-touch button allowing you to answer and hang up calls plus a volume control slider built right into it and it plugs right into the headphone jack on the following phones: Audiovox, Blackberry, Danger, Dopod, Kyocera, HP, LG, PDAs, 02, Motorola (except RAZR), Sanyo, Sendo, Treo, NEC, Sharp, Panasonic. Some other models, iPhone, Samsung, Nokia or Motorola RAZR, require a mini adapter. And, if you have a Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Alcatel, Sagem or Sharp cell phone, please contact us for more information. Black cell phone handset by Yubz. Measures 8.25"(l) x 2.25"(w) x 1.75"(h).

78% (9)

Forever ¦

Forever ¦

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"Missing someone gets easier everyday because even though you are one day further from the last time you saw them, you are one day closer to the next time you will."

remembering sunday - all time low
*40 random facts about me:
1.) people always comment on my big eyes and long eyelashes, theyre not fake.
2.) i have 50 different laughs when im laughing really hard
3.) my favorite thing from starbucks is caramel defar frappachino
4.) i was born with red hair and blue eyes
5.) i wish could dance really good
6.) I had my razor phone from grades 8-11, i finally got the droid in may :)
7.) im a light sleeper. I like my bedroom cold, dark and quiet.
8.) Im most likely shorter then you. I'm 5 1' :) you probably cant tell in my self portraits lol.
9.) i dont like being cold, but i get cold easily. im going to college next year where it snows lol. yayy.
10.) i drink lots of water, im addicted. haha
11.) i have a huge imagination :)
12.) i love country, pop, alternative, rock, hard rock, indie, acoustic music :)
13.) i like when my boyfriend gives me hugs and picks me up in the air!
14.) i know all of the songs by panic at the disco. Ive seen them twice, last time front row. Best concert of my life.
15.) I have tried many sports/dancing, but never got really into doing them. To name a, ballet, gymnastics, swimming, volleyball, track..
16.) Ive got touched by the Jonas brothers at a concert, row 9. But the funny thing is, i do NOT even like the jonas brothers at all. so some girls might be jeleous lol, whatever.
17.) i dont not cuss. at all. unless i think im about to die. Like twice at a state fair, the ride seriously was broken and i like blacked out because i hate going upside down multiple times. it was the worst experience of my life for a few minutes.
18.) Ive been to 8 big concerts and 7 local shows. Yes i love concerts!!
19.) I have interned at a really great photography studio for 3 summers, so i have experience taking portraits, unlike a loto of people at my school who think they 'know' photography.
20.) i dont like school dances. ive only been to 3, including prom last year.
21.) i use to try to be scene. i tried teasing my hair huge and wearing skinny jeans. did work out. hahahah. so i decided to be me.
22.) i want to be a director of photography one day :)
23.) i love the military and marines, since my boyfriend is almost my MARINE :). I try to show all of my support to the military as much as i can.
24.) when i find a song i like, i listen to it over and over and over for a few days until im sick of it.
25.) i am going publish a book one day. I love writing drama/fantasy.
26.) my favorite color is pink..well i like to wear pink. I like a lot of colors.
27.) quesidillas are my favorite mexican food, if i go any mexican place i WILL order that.
28.) music and fashion, and other peoples photos, are my inspirations for my photography.
29.) i dont not speak any other language except english. Im not racist, but thats how it should be in america, no matter what.
30.) I want to live happy everyday and live positive, living life to the fullest!!
31.) Ive never dyed my hair. but im going to soon. Ive gotten highlights and lowlights before.
32.) I was born a premature baby. They thought i wasnt going to live, but i did :).
33.) Eggs and toast is my all time favorite breakfast meanl.
34.) I have super strange crazy weird dreams. I sometimes wakeup with a headache.
35.) It took me forever to be comfortable to ride a bike when i was younger. I was terrified i would die riding a bike hahah.
36.) Ive only been out of America once, that was on a cruise ship to Jamacia. I was 6 and i barely remember anything, so I would love to go again!
37.) The state Ive been to are idaho, cali, washington state, pennsilvania, maine, florida, wisconsin, new jersey, illinois, texas.
38.) I like rollar coasters, as long as they dont go upside down. I know they are pretty safe like at disneyland. Not castles and coastes or any smaller theme park.
39.) I have lived in the same house for my entire life. I'm ready to move.
40.) I love to laugh really hard :)


Sunday morning craft time!!!

Sunday morning craft time!!!

Today's "I'll just do it myself" project was to redecorate my phone with metallic gold spraypaint!

The phone was originally black.

I taped up the phone first, then used a razor blade to make outlines around the sensitive areas. I pulled off the excess tape, leaving only patches around the spots I didn't want to paint.

I think it is HILARIOUS.

gold razor phone

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